Bali beaches vomiting rubbish again


I heard people who say, Pattaya and Thailand is too dirty, let’s go to Indonesia, Bali for instance… this is Bali… Kuta and Legian beaches…maybe think twice before living. Plus the girls are not so open there!

It’s the monsoon season in Indonesia, and local governments in Bali have declared a “trash emergency” on Kuta and Legian beaches. Read more:


  1. Your point is silly . Sorry to say this but it’s really is

  2. Thailand will always be my first love, How many trash they throw at her.

  3. The love for Boedha make Thai people the most friendly in the world.

  4. It’s only a Bottle
    And the Ignorant’s

  5. o yes just looks like pattaya

  6. We are much less concerned by what is happening elsewhere what interest us it is the anti pollution measures taken here in Pattaya and which are too slow to materialize in the facts !!!

  7. Same here in the philipines…plenty of garbage

  8. In Thailand, local governments are rather weak. Central government centralizes powers, and civil society is weak. Just few people are serious about garbage in the sea.

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