The beach promenade is showing signs of collapse. It is happening in front of th…


The beach promenade is showing signs of collapse. It is happening in front of the Police Station. Maybe the foreigners are too heavy? Or maybe the contractor who did that was a scam artist?


  1. The problem all over Thailand , No Quality control !

  2. Maybe your ex gf took the sand under it?

  3. World class beach resort.

  4. Usual story the works sold out to best bidder with the best backsheash .. generally the worst builder / tradesman

  5. That’s quick. Didn’t notice that last week.

  6. Probably the rain and flooding has 100% to do with it

  7. Rain and Water. They make New recently but clearly Water is eroding it.

  8. And sea we want talk very very dirty😂😂

  9. I think that the Students how are working there every night are eating too much => put them on diet.

  10. Foreigners are too heavy and too many. Lol

  11. Yes its possibile yesterday i look many people eat on the beach and i think not clean after😂😂because mao 😂😂

  12. Water has got under it and wash it out

  13. The same in wongamat beach naklua, some years ago they made a beach promenade like that in the North part of that beach , it colapsed totally

  14. Just no quality. Let alone control.

  15. A scam artist in Thailand, fancy that?

  16. Soi one to the Naklua End all collapsed and they’ve put the shuttering back up and cordoned it off again. Looked like the big retaining wall slabs were all washed away

  17. Shlat Looney QuinBee gano nga simawulire malunji

  18. Are they calling you heavy Keith Doxford Keith Doxford

  19. Ahh well I bet the Mayor will have another willing contractor to re do the job … properly this time … just like the last 10 times in the past 10 years ! 🙄

  20. Steve.. Is this in Jomtien?

  21. They removed old palm trees, coused errosion, dumb.

  22. WOW. Hope they get it fixed before we get there LOL

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