As we pass the 5,000 mark, I need to warn you about the future of FB. They want …


As we pass the 5,000 mark, I need to warn you about the future of FB. They want to make more money, and at the same time, they want to prioritize the main stream media, because they are not efficient enough into brainwashing people. So Facebook is asking us, pages to pay. They are sure that the alternative media have less money than CNN or Fox, so the direct result of that is the end of these alternative pages and the predominance of the rich media news in FB… it is a win/win solution for them, but a great loss for the freedom of speech.
They are beta testing the program, but I already saw it, some posts are only seen by hundred of yours, reaching less than 20% of the members… unless I pay.
I will not pay, ever. I am non profit, non commercial.
So if you want to keep seeing True Pattaya in the future, you have to prioritize it by clicking “See First”. By doing this, Facebook will not ‘forget’ to send you the True Pattaya news and you will not receive a Tsunami warning 3 days after it happens.
It is easy, check the picture!


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I have a page for my bar they keep asking me to boost it for a few dollars a day I ignore them


You say it’s easy but I can’t get the first list on my iPad?


Pure greed, people will move away. Alternatives can grow quickly, look how quick Fb itself grew.

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