Sek Loso live on Fabecook, singing and asking for money between songs. This guy can sing! 👍
You may ask why he is not in prison?
In fact he stayed 1 day, just enough to make some pictures, then he went back home and did a party where he invited all the police station. Photos have leaked showing high grade police officials drinking and enjoying the party.
5555 welcome in Thailand.😂
Note: if you listen at 1/3 of the video, a bird start singing so loud that it covers his voice. The bird become hysterical through the video. Great moment.

ร้องเพลง ช่วยสุนัข
เลขบัญชี 161-229-732-4
ไทยพาณิชย์ นายเสกสรรค์ ศุขพิมาย


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