Bar girls: the new generation.


Bar girls: the new generation.


  1. Need to see old generation 🤓

  2. Looking for customers online hahahah

  3. They must to text they’re Boyfriend that’s so boring back home in the Village. And of course Grandma need go Hospital 😉

  4. So frigging annoying. And ultimately bad for the establishments… They cannot forbid the ladies to play their cp because then the ladies don’t want to work there.
    However, customers stay away unless the ladies focus on them and their work….
    As of now, most bars prefer annoying the customers to annoying the girls….

  5. Playing on Tinder and Thai Friendly.

  6. GOGOs are dead, if you look for hot Girls, you need go to the Big Discos like Lucifer, Insomnia, Miami or 808. After 24.00 you can easy fiend the hotest girls in Town, and you not need to pay a Barfine.

  7. no money for them… they can die

  8. Many bars forbid lady to use phone. Even some in soi 6. Can only few times a day. But the Main problem is not that. The problem is the stupid competition between man. I’ve seen so many >50.000 bath transaction (frequent)

  9. New generation
    Fk off been like that for the last 5>10 years

  10. They look about 12, maybe 13,

  11. ah for fuke sake guys the water buffalo is sick , but i would long time the middle one

  12. All on badoo for after hour short times

  13. Mit 20 baht kann man das ändern😂😂

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