Guys I need your help with a dilemma. Yesterday I took 5000 baht from the ATM……


Guys I need your help with a dilemma. Yesterday I took 5000 baht from the ATM… broke 1000 baht at Big C and didn’t spent much than 500 baht. Today I have 2000 baht in my purse, so 2000 baht are gone, fly somewhere bye bye…
The only person that I have seen in between is my girlfriend, who sat naked on my pan (my purse is in my pan) for quite some time on the sofa…
Do you know any pickpocket technique that would take only 2 bills from a purse like the one in picture without doing any contact? The only thing I did in between is buy some salad at Foodland and sleep alone?
Or should I dump the girlfriend?
The thing is that I have no real proof that it is the girlfriend.
What do you think?
Note: it is not the first time it happens in recent time.


  1. “sat naked on my pan” – gives the word “snatch” a whole new meaning hahahah. My experience says bye byeeee girlfriend.

  2. I wouldn’t be too quick coming to conclusions. I’d invite her over and set her up. Have a few 100s flying around in your apartment, leave for a bit (go to 7-11, sit on the balcony or go to the shower) and see if they disappear. Then you’d have your proof that she’s a thief.

  3. Maybe an Miracle 😉 But most likely not, we are in Pattaya!😉

  4. Where did u meet ur girlfriend? Whats her work?

  5. Old trick they do is when your mao take most of your money not all of it so you wake up and think you’ve had a heavy night,I got done in Phuket years ago but got my money back 🤣🤣

  6. You idiot. What did you expect ???

  7. Sadly the story sounds familiar, no matter how they do it.
    I’m very careful with my cash in Thailand.

  8. If it happened more times, you know the answer 😎
    You call yourself „true Pattaya“ but speaking about „girlfriend“ and „non working girl“?
    Dudeeee i fucked the cashier from the money exchange hood next to my soi last month…

  9. You must give her money all the time
    That’s how they think

  10. How much you give her every month? If she is your girlfriend she can ask you for money when she is in need.

    If she steal it ask her or you why. You live there you know what’s going on😔

  11. Sure they not fall down when you take out from pocket? Brand New notes are sometimes easy to slip because surface is very smooth. Btw thanks God on China they succeeded in removing cash and Card transaction (all qr codes everywhere now) . I hope Thailand will move in same direction

  12. did the ATM dispense 5000 bht? did you check to see if it gave you the correct amount?

  13. I have had notes stick together plenty of times, normally don’t find out unless the cashiers are honest and hand back the extra notes

  14. You know the correct answer already.

  15. For 2K. Is it worth the hassle but always keep it in the memory bank for possible future occurances

  16. I have finished with this girlfriend. If someone is looking for a slim 34 yo girl with no familly not working in bars, very shy, who needs 20k per month with a boy 13yo, steal in pocket, play cards, like illegal lottery, do share banking, is a pathological liar, very very lazy, sleep all the time, eat like an elephant but is 40kg, have a lot of imagination to create problems out of nothing, she is available and need immediate support. Speak very good English but has the IQ of an oyster.

  17. maybe u spend it. one time my ex-took 2000 than I stop to call her. it was ending anyway. i stop calling her, then she pushed let’s meet. and she took it in the morning…they think if u can give others u can give her in parallel. but i never have a situation that my girls is taking it when they are with me. this one was pissed of. i left her. sure they grabbing your money like tap water. i like them but cost u a lot. some other guys get for free… not sure what u get on the end be gentleman

  18. Wake up, grow up and dump the rag.

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