Jim’s Burger Pattaya. Someone suggested me to check there, so I did, and I didn’…


Jim’s Burger Pattaya. Someone suggested me to check there, so I did, and I didn’t liked it. If you do not want to read a negative review, pass on the next post.
The only positive point is the place itself, the design is cool (the location sucks tho, in the middle of a messy Chinese bus spot).
Apart from the decorum, the food is a fraud, at this price I could have a rib eye steak with french fries and salad. Here I got some bread, no vegetable, a meatball, some pre-cocked factory made bacon, and a couple of jalapenos… I didn’t like the sauce, or the burger.
Let’s detail a bit, no pepper on the table, no mustard, no straw to drink, not starting good.
The burger was asked medium, it came well done, and it is quite small to say the last, I was not full at all. There is a LOT of empty space between the 2 buns!
The cheese is factory made, taste like plastic, the meat had some chunks that should not be there, the bacon is the factory style you can buy pre-cocked that you pass 1 min in the microwave.
So for close to 300 baht, I will not go again.
These franchises are looking and tasting like these restaurants that you can find along the roads in America on the East coast. They look like country style but the food is all processed and dog quality.
Many Thais like these, it is fashion. But I like better Burger King. Not to mention Great American located at Soi Buocaw that blasts away Jim’s Burger in all categories (maybe not the design tho and the spicy jalapenos). Actually any small burger booths are way better than this hi-so burger style, there are many around soi Buocaw, for less than 100 baht you get much better.


  1. Can get a Big Mac, fillet o fish, fries and Coke for 240 Baht. That’s my weekly treat!

  2. Fk are you eating that shite for anyway
    When you’ve got all the local street food .
    Som nam fkn na .
    As we say !!!

  3. Burger king and mc donald are better? Are you high on something?!?

  4. What a surprise! You do negative reviews!!!

  5. I was very underwhelmed with Jim’s also. One visit was enough for me.

  6. Again.Agreed.Great burgers@American joint opposite Jollys

  7. Best burger I had in Pattaya was Coffee Club’s Angus Burger. Its 450 THB which is crazy but its REALLY good!!! Meat was fantastic!

  8. This is for me a jackpot that you go eat there !!!

  9. Looks disgusting…… 🙁

  10. Colin Kidner. You like a good burger with all the trimmings 😂

  11. Edinburgh Fringe burger…..massive brioche bun, thick “artisan” burger (whatever the f… that is), several slices of haggis, crispy bacon, cheese and veg trimmings (onion, tomato etc). Yours for £7…..I struggled to get through it 🙂

  12. For most the draw to Jim’s is the beer selection. The food there is good IMO and a great match for something other than your Chang big bott..

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