At 22:40 on January 8, 2018 An accident at Thap Phraya 7 on Sukhimvit. Voluntee…


At 22:40 on January 8, 2018
An accident at Thap Phraya 7 on Sukhimvit. Volunteers from Thap Phraya Foundation 2310 found that a motorcycle Big Bike hit a pedestrian then smashed in an SUV. As a result, two people were killed in the accident, two were foreigners. One foreign woman MRS. YONGSEOK CHOI, a 20 year old Korean, was sent to Pattaya City Hospital, the second victim, a man named MR.ALEKSANDR ZAKHAROV, 22 years old, was transported to the Bang Lamung Hospital. There is a 3rd victim, a Thai woman, we do not know the name yet.
I have removed 3 bloody pictures that were not appropriated.
Cr. 253 Volunteer Charity Foundation Thap Phraya Foundation 2310


  1. If the people can’t handle this sort of bikes, they should not be allowed to ride them.. In most European contries, heavy bikes have to be limited to 32kW if the rider is under 25.. They should make the rental vendors ask for driving licences, in oder to rent out those heavy bikes.. These bikes are not good for the kind of traffic in Pattaya.. I rented one once and did not enjoy it.. And I have that licence.. As I presented it to the vendor, to show that I am qualified, they just said, its Ok.. No need.. I wonder, how many people riding these bikes in Pattaya have no licence..

    R.I.P to the victums..

  2. never before Drive Big Bike but start in Pattaya and have feeling drive same Valentino Rossi !

  3. Could you provide the original link all the time plz?

  4. I work in Emergency, I have a strong disposition & stomach, but still this senseless waste of life by complete idiots makes me sick, no brains, no helmets,no life, and the deaths of innocent victims. I have no sympathy for the driver, he has committed murder. I’m an experienced daily motorcyclist since 1971. Australia & Thailand.

  5. I see him in 3 day before pattaya tai drive dangerous and near have accident near station gazoline its bad news for familly him and friend rip for all

  6. The government has to introduce road rules and make sure that every body follows it. This carnage will never stop.

  7. There are tragedies all the time all around the world. Thailand is not an exception. Working, holidaying, staying home. Where ever you are the risk is always there. Somehow it seems to me that nowadays people are behaving all the time more and more superficially and in a thoughtless way. People live like today is the the last day of their life. Unfortunately, many times it is also the last one. Hopefully people learn about mistakes before it is too late.

  8. I stopped at the crash site tonight and noticed that anyone crossing the road would have had a clear view 300 metres down Thappraya Road. The road is straight. However the bike, a Kawasaki Z900, being a rental bike would highly likely have had a standard exhaust system which is very quiet, even at high speed. As there were 3 of them crossing the road it is possible they were chatting and not concentrating, it’s easily done when you are on holiday.

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