How the Kebab are made in some place…


Someone posted these pictures about how the Kebabs meat is made… this is getting viral in the Thai social networks. Anyone knows where they are doing Kebabs like these? See the size of the thing, I won’t be surprised if it was in Pattaya!

ยังจะกล้ากินกันอีกมั๊ย!! เบื้องหลัง “เคบับ” อาหารแสนอร่อย พอได้เห็นวิธีทำเท่านั้นแหละ อ้


  1. Whats wrong with it? They do that with grapes as well. If he washed his feet and the food is cooked above 70C it’s no worse than using your bare hands when cooking or making dough. But I know feet are considered as very dirty in Thai culture, maybe that’s why the uproar?

    Edit: Okay, didn’t see the chickens next to the toilet on the floor. That does look fairly disgusting indeed.

  2. That’s it no more drunken kebabs for me!!!

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by Nikko