Why the City Hall does not clean the beach EVERY MORNING? Pattaya is full of to…


Why the City Hall does not clean the beach EVERY MORNING? Pattaya is full of tourists everywhere but no one on the beach, guess why?
The City Hall have employees for cleaning the roads, you can see them at 6 am everywhere. Why not the beach? I am tired having to post these disastrous picture of Pattaya Beach. If they really care about the reputation of Pattaya, they must clean the beach every morning, I don’t see any other solution!


  1. Hey. They passed a smoking ban to clean up the beach. How’s that working out?..lol

  2. Some people are disgusting

  3. Pattaya is only useful for a sex holiday trip, for everything else there are better and more beautiful travel destinations!

  4. I had a guest with me from the Phillipines, she couldn’t believe how badly the beach was polluted and didn’t understand why people would come to Pattaya to spend the day on the beach. I must admit it was the worst I have ever seen it.

  5. Been coming to pattaya for 15 years..never seen the beach so bad..filth everywhere

  6. I Think I don’t come…. Planned for a month in februari…. 😠😡😵

  7. Shame Thailand is beautiful place people need respect and take bottles plastic to a bin or home . You wouldn’t do this at home so why do it here makes me angry

  8. Wouldnt happen in essan all the plastic bottles would be noware to be seen it would be all picked up and sold maby pattaya people just have to much money.

  9. They should have patrol officers and fine them 5000 baht per item dropped 😔😡and use this money to employ more beach cleaners 🤔

  10. Have they even installed garbage bins to limit this sort of thing? Thailand and Singapore couldn’t be more different.

  11. The beach at Jomtein is filthy. I have never seen the beach like that before. I have been coming to Thailand for a long time too.

  12. Pattaya beach is horrible

  13. Its an absolute dump rats and mice all over the beach

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