People are running to collect donations. Toon the singer of Bodyslam started ru…


People are running to collect donations.

Toon the singer of Bodyslam started running to collect money for hospitals and he ran +2200 km! It was a huge success, and he collected close to 1 Billion Bath, running l like this across the country!

But now another guy is running too, and he is collecting a lot of money too.

How much of this money will go into expenses, how much into real programs? Is there any watchdog to guarantee that this money will not be funneled somewhere?

I love the idea, but since another guy started to run, it made me feel uncomfortable and something tells me to be cautious. 1 Billion baht is a lot of money.

How many people are going to run? Now 2, then 3, 4, 10, 100?

The hospitals are needing money, that’s a problem, but is this going to fix the problem on the long term?

Yesterday I gave 200 baht to an old homeless girl sitting at the 7/11 across the street. I am sure that 100% of this money went to her. If I gave this 200 baht to the running guy, how much will go to the Hospital and sick people?

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  1. Maybe Thai style.
    Amazing Thailand.

  2. Running is not a new concept, let see the amazing “Forest Gump” running scene:

  3. There was live broadcast on Facebook all the way they collected the money.
    The running ended up at siam commercial bank. The money was counted by the bankers with many audiences. After that all cash was transferred to the hospital bank account day by day.

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