Update about Miss “Pathetic Manus”. (Facebook: To resume the madness, she was …


Update about Miss “Pathetic Manus”. (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fouk.manus)

To resume the madness, she was caught with an e-cigarette in her car. Small offence, she should have paid a fine and go home.
But she resisted arrest, “The police said they were attacked by a slap in the face, shaking their neck, pulling their throats, while pulling their wrists”. There is a movie of that, she cannot deny having assaulted the police.
In consequence they had to put her in a jail, strongly.

In the USA she would have been beaten, surely teased maybe killed, you do not assault the police, anywhere in the world!

But instead she called Sophon TV. She said that she was shocked to be treated like this. She seems to have a very big ego and cannot handle the fact that she has to follow the laws of Thailand.

The TV came at the police station making a 2 hours live coverage of the event, taking pictures of the aftermath of the fight on her leg and arms, making the local police loosing the face really badly.
Then she gave several interviews, the whole thing went to National Television, making this case even more embarrassing for the police.

Police conter attacked filling a case of “defamation with advertising”, she said sorry but the the police came with 2 more charges… we still don’t know what they will be, but resisting arrest and assault seems to be obvious, they are carrying years of jail time.

General Prayut talk at the TV and gave the advice to shut up, she should listen.

The Ms Pathetic Manus is making money online selling weird branded creams and she claims that she lost 2000-3000 baht / day since her facebook page was not maintained. Does she wants the police to pay for that?

She wants to give lessons to the police, to the judges, to the lawyers, to the entire country, but is she clean herself about the law?

Does she has a company? Does she pay taxes? From where these products are coming from? Are they safe to sell in Thailand, does she pay the import taxes… are they original or copies, are they tested for alergies?
There are so many cases of intoxications with these products that the government had to make a national campaign to inform the people to not buy these product online!

Because with each product pictures come the silicone boobs, these are making a gallery that is not to miss!

Fake boobs and Horse Oil, 300 baht! That must sell a lot! And her mom is showing in the pictures, she is religious (Muslim). What the Coran says about what her daughter is doing?

She miss one tattoo, the most important, a bar code, right on the boobs!

Let see and enjoy pictures coming from her facebook.

Note about the law, everything posted on FB can be cross posted on another FB without the authorization of the one who made the picture, there is no (c) on FB, so no need to bother posting a ‘legal’ statement, it will go to the trash.


  1. Who would want that ugly thing advertising their products??

  2. What is wrong with her eyes. ….. drugtest been made?

  3. I can say ” just disgusting”

  4. What kind of garbage article is this.

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