This is a post that will attract some hate but I think that expats who stay long…


This is a post that will attract some hate but I think that expats who stay long time in Thailand will probably agree with me.
Thailand is a place that you can enjoy only superficially. Don’t learn the language, don’t try to understand what Thais are thinking, just enjoy having people working for you at a cheap rate and giving you a good service. While the country is a great place to relax or retire, it is a place where the rarest thing is not Gold or gems, but it is brain.
If you dig a little bit, you will be disappointed by how stupid the majority of Thai people are, it is just hard to find an equivalent elsewhere in the world.
It all starts with the education system. A Kid of 14 years old knows about as much as a 5 year old European. Apart from rare exceptions, they do not know how to do a division manually, they know nothing about politics, history or geography. If you have a kid in a public school in Thailand you will be shocked by the low level of education.
Try with your typical bar girl or a 7/11 cashier and ask her what “kilometer per hour” means. Result is guaranteed. They have no clue, even if they have a counter on any scooter, it is too complicated.
Most average people do not know anything about politics, try to ask what is the job of Prawit for example. Nobody knows and if you tell them that he is the minister of defense, they have no clue what this means. They don’t know anything about classical music, or rock, who are the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Ask them who is Hitler. Ask them who is Hillary Clinton. The ignorance in this country is staggering, it is not even understandable for us and many are in denial because it seems too extreme.
Most people do not speak Thai, they speak Essan that is a dialect that some people in Bangkok do not understand fully.
Porc BBQ is said Moo Yang at school, most people in Essan will not understand because it is Moo Ping in the North, in Bangkok if you say Moo Ping people will laugh at you or even do not understand.
It seems that this country is engineering their people to be obedient robots that can do small tasks without asking questions. And of course accept to do it for 250 Eur a month.
No one knows about their rights, they don’t know about the law at the workplace. In consequence they think that the abuses are normal, the boss has all rights to do what he wants, which is not true. Many people are paid less than the minimum 8500 baht because of the ignorance of their own rights and they are not going to protest because they don’t know how.
You can buy the University diploma. So if you want to be a computer engineer, you just pay the price and have the diploma. Guess why all complex projects are done by foreign companies.
Everything can be purchased the same way, driving license, properties etc… so if you are Thai and have a bit of money, you don’t need to go learn anything in your life.
Try to find people who read books (I mean real books), or have notion of literacy. Even with movies, apart the Thai movies, who in Thailand knows about classics like Blade Runner, Mission, Apocalypse Now, Barry Lyndon, 2001 Space Odyssey, Riddley Scott, Stanley Kubrick? All they know is Fast and Furious, because they like speed on the road, and it is does not ask to think. About celebrities, they know only football players: Ronaldo!
The worse thing is that they are outrageously arrogant. You cannot criticize them, you are the one who is stupid, you talk about things not interesting, you are too complicated. Why you, farang cares, about this third cable in the plug, it goes in the ground? So that mean is it used for nothing, let’s remove it.
Why you need to put this shower up there, there is a sticker that say so for security? Who cares? Thai know better. Why waiting at the red light? Why put an helmet that will mess up my hairs.
If you try to teach them, you are the bad guy. “Go back to your country! Thing are like this here, you are not ok, go”. They do not want to learn, they are perfect, you are invited here and you must accept the local stupidity and adapt to it.
So follow my advice. Do not attach yourself to any people here. Use the service, use the stupid brainless 20 years old who love money more than anything and will trade their ass to get a new phone, use the cheap labor, do like the Thai elite does, they show us the way to live here. This place has been designed to be run by slaves that are brainwashed thinking that they are smart; use that to your advantage.
But if you want to have a smart conversation with any locals here, forget it. I have met maybe 2-3 people smart here in 8 years. It happen that one was a girl who is now rich (smart people are so rare, they do not have any problem selling condo to the uneducated ones), another was a hi-ranking military that has traveled and was a really smart interesting guy – but his education was made oversea.
The elite are all sending their kids to learn in foreign Universities. There is a reason why!
I can understand Thai enough now to listen what people are saying when they all go to a BBQ together. They say nothing in substance. They do not talk at all apart from saying jokes. They are looking Facebook together for 2 hours eating, and go back their room…slave of a system, serving the few rich and smart all their life.
But I do not have pity, education is online, books are online and free. If you want to raise yourself in the society you can learn by yourself. But it asks some effort, that is another subject. 😀


  1. “Go back to your country! Thing are like this here, you are not ok, go”… They’re right… And I’m sad for you… Oh! Am I going to be ban again for not agreeing?

  2. LOL, good rant, I don’t disagree on many points, I have lived here for 26 years so have great experience of dealing with the Thais, one thing I would say though, is without burdening themselves with education, politics, world history etc. they are generally much happier than us because nothing disturbs or upsets them if it is outside of their immediate social circle, no worries about world poverty, poisoning the oceans etc., maybe we could learn a little from them for that?

  3. เป็นคำเขียนวิจารณ์ได้ดี
    เป็นการต้องยอมรับความจริงที่ต้องทำใจยอมรับ เรื่องจริงนั้นๆ
    ผมไม่โกธรที่คุณเขียนในด้านของความจริงแบบนี้ และต้องขอบคุณมากๆกับทุกๆประโยค ที่เเรงโดนใจ และชื่นชมงานเขียนชิ้นนี้
    แต่ผมจะใช้เป็นแรงพักดันให้สมองของผมพัฒนาต่อไปทั้งด้าน สมอง และจิตใจ

  4. It’s all true. Good advice. I find myself, as a farang, helping a thai gf navigate the thai bureaucracy, like at the DLT to help her get a drivers license. I have a drivers license, she doesn’t. At least she wears a helmet. Why am I helping a thai get things done in thailand ? They should be helping me !

  5. 100% right! The country is completely Mickey Mouse.

  6. Very interesting and controversial post Dave. Im sure it will get the interested folk here to open their minds more. Unfortunately as you know very well, the continued suppression of the vast majority of Thai people, strongly suggest the points made in your thread will not change, not in my lifetime anyway. Great read bud.

  7. Unlike farangs they are not to conquer the world.

  8. Having a bad Day? But yes pretty much sums it up.

  9. Regarding the majority you’re right but I’m glad I also met in 8 years great Thais included my GF who speaks better English than many Western guys and got a good education and well paid job… Last but not least I also met many Western morones so it’s all about going to the right places at the right tiime…

  10. Slightly small minded outlook?Tunnelled vision from eyes of blunted farang?Reverse xenophobia?Your arrogance is their ignorance?Think again:what you know about Buddhism as a philosophy(not a religion!)?Their historical past?Why were they the ONLY country never colonised by “The West”..tread more carefully and read more deeply yourself?Underestimate them at your peril.We learn one of the most precious assets you ever get in life(and it’s free)..SANOOK..carefree funloving laughter..the greatest medicine for the soul..try more self-medicating might be the answer we are looking for???Just thinking…

  11. While you do have many valid points you seem to paint a pretty bleak picture. It’s not all that bad. You need to get out more. Don’t judge the whole country from interactions with poor farmer daughters with 6 years of “dancing and learning about how great Thailand is” education (which applies to 80% of people in Pattaya).

  12. An English friend of mine who sadly passed away recently, had lived here for around 30 years and owned an IT company in Bangkok, once told me that he believed Thais never reached a mental age of higher than about a 15 year old, I told him that I thought that was a bit unfair, but after living here now for nearly 11 years I totally agree with him, I quite often ask my wife who is the child in our house, our 6 year old daughter or her.

  13. Agreed…pretty well all of it…I don’t think that it is controversial. It is a fact of life in Thailand …Kalaland!!!

  14. Honest n true in most parts observation of living in Thailand

  15. Congratulations, you got exactly the Point. As stay here for many Years and have an bit of insight over my Work at Stock Market i believe most of wealthy better educated Thais have exactly the same view even they will never talk about that in Public.
    The Reason that all the Important Money Making Companys from CPALL to True to Central to Family Mart in the Hand of lets say 5—6 Family Clans makes clear who is the Boss.
    Will it change? No! Will education System change ? No!

    So as an Farang you are out of their World. That’s fine , let’s enjoy Life here and let the Elite abuse their own People( at least they give everyone an Job) for us it is the best of all Worlds..
    If you stay away from make Business here or buy Real Estate over dodgy Contracts with Lawyers and Agents who promise you 10% you can live the good Life.
    We can complain or not ,it will not change until somewhere in the next Decade if Digitalization disrupt an lot of Businesses . That’s why they play now the Tourism Card in Full as it produce an lot of Service Jobs that they need to keep their System afloat.

  16. I don’t wish to comment for, or against the points raised, but I’d like to ask a few questions:
    Are we, sophisticated and knowledgeable people, living a happier life?
    Who is greedier, an extremely poor Thai person in love of cash, or our western countries pumping money from all over the world, outside their borders, sometimes starting, or helping to start, bloody wars and causing death and starvation?
    If things weren’t like that, would Thailand be attractive for any of us to come and live here, or would it be like any other country in our ‘civilised world’ where life is so wonderful that forces some of us to seek shelter here?
    Finally, since we are guests should we not be more respectful towards our hosts?

  17. OP, try live in Chiang Mai for a while. And you will see difference. People totally different. Thailand this not only Pattaya. But you live in Pattaya and mostly what you see this not educated bar girls and drunk tourist around you.
    But in some points you right. Sad but true.

  18. One other thing. A lawyer farang friend of mine went to court over traffic accident. Not his fault as thai driver pulled out in front of him. Judge in court said “ if he was not in the country it would not have happened “ he had to pay. Asian logic.

  19. I think it depends on who you associate with. I have met both smart and brainless Thais…but doesn’t that apply to most nationalities?

  20. The majority of Aussies or Brits or yanks and Euro are all equally as thick and lazy though…. even many of the expats living in los

  21. This guy knows a lot about thailand 🤔

  22. This is a description of the new western generation coming. I m feeling clever to be mixed. Fabian Elikser We are the future.

  23. Howard Vandermark Shannon Green good conversations lol

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