This is a story about Buddha. One day a boy came to him and said: “Buddha, I wa…


This is a story about Buddha.

One day a boy came to him and said:
“Buddha, I want to post something about your page on Facebook, do you want to listen what it is?”
Buddha said: “Hold on! I want you first answer a couple of questions and I will tell you if you can post it or not.”
First question: “Is this post is negative and say bad things about my page?”.
Boy: “Yes it is a pretty bad post”.
Second question: ” Is it going to help people who read it, does is has any information in it”.
Boy: “Not really it is just a post about your page because I don’t like something”.
Third question: “Are you a specialist about web, about Facebook, have got an international recognition about your work as a writer on Facebook, do you manage a popular page or have experience and credentials about that matter?”.
Boy: “No I am just a normal Facebook user.”
Buddha: “So if you have an information that is useless for the page reader, negative in its essence and if you have no credibility when you say it, better you keep your mouth shut!”.

If you believe that this is a fake quote, you are probably right, but this is applying to any page on Facebook, do not loose your time in useless negativity, the page is not the subject, the subject is the content of each post.


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