Koh Larn: where is the beach? I only see umbrellas. What if I want to walk on th…


Koh Larn: where is the beach? I only see umbrellas. What if I want to walk on the beach or sit on the beach? Are these people so greedy that they have totally covered the beach with plastic sunbeds and umbrella?😡 the pictures are made by The City Hall themselves.


  1. When the army check there every meter🤡🤡🤡

  2. Moved there from Pattaya?

  3. Sit or walk on the beach in Koh Larn?? Are you insane. It is way too hot. Maybe early morning or evening

  4. The Chinese like that. Meanwhile they are Nr. 1 also on Koh Larn. Try Tien Beach maybe better situation….

  5. This part of koh larn is only for chineeses and russians family’s 😅

  6. Thank you for letting me know where NOT TO GO.

  7. Has the Chinese invaded Vietnam as well? I plan my next trip there…

  8. Where’s the best beaches near pattaya then?

  9. So your two Guys above selling Property here, right?
    You must to believe in the „Good News „ . As in most Ads i read always about „Beautiful Beaches „ Capital Gains on Property Investment „ Beverly Hills of Pattaya „ etc. So you must to ask may yourself who live in an World of twisted Truths….
    Not everyone stay in this Wonderland of Imagination like Real Estate Agents.
    As this Site is an relevant Information Source for Expats i guess your Business who is more to catch the short Term Tourists for an Quick Buck on an Holiday Home is not much affected .

  10. Juju Phakhwalanch Kaennok

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