CCTV accident 4/12/2017 Pattaya


CCTV accident 4/12/2017 Pattaya
Did this guy really got a seizure? Or did he panicked after having slammed into the first motorbike? A CCTV camera shows that he crossed the road at the wrong time, ramming into a first motorbike, then driving erratically, but he was driving and was not unconscious apparently, he seems to have tried to avoid the cars. Some people say that he got a seizure. Some say that he tried escape and that’s the reason why he avoided the cars. Some are saying that he was drunk and that police found Yabba in his car. We will know soon. What do you think?


  1. Shane Shanahan another angle, looks to like he lost control

  2. depends on his social standing,if he is a person of influence it is a seizure!

  3. He didn’t see the first motorbike on the side of the road. All started from there. But he was driving too fast and also seems really lost control after avoided first motorbike and hit the one in the middle of the road. Can be everything. Drugs. Alcohol. Seizure

  4. What about the brakes? Looks like not being applied here.

  5. Wonder if the thia guy was charged probley not currupt as fuk be falangs fault not

  6. rest in peace to the people who died💜💜💜

  7. Long as he gives the families a few £ will all be forgotten life’s cheap there

  8. Who knows what happened there, appears to be crazy stupid Thai driving, drunk? Epilect fit? Son of a wealthy Pattaya business man? Cops will soon pin it on a Burmese illegal immigrant.

  9. jsui passé labas se matin j ai vue les becane

  10. He stayed on the right hand side of the road at speed from a long way back with no intention of slowing down or moving over to the left hand side of the road. It could have been a lot worse as it appears some of the motor bike rides manage to found some gaps to squeeze into to avoid a collision. RIP

  11. Very sad the loss of lives and permanent injury , physical and mental scars and trauma.

  12. Very tragic,feel for everyone involved.

  13. He was not drunk or anything else. He passed out.. last info till now..

  14. Stop spreading crap and find out the facts. The police have confirmed that he had epilepsy and a throat attack !!

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