Cheap Charlies!不不不


Cheap Charlies!不不不


  1. Didnt know u were there yet Russell Shipp鳶不

  2. Why? Not everyone has a lot of money to spend…. always be respectful! They are sitting there having a chat and a beer. Stop putting people in boxes…..

  3. 鉆鉊鉆鉊鉊毯葷 鉆鉊﹤鉊鉆鉊冢鉆鉊﹤葡鉊鉆鉊耜鉆鉊 鉆鉊﹤葡鉆鉊芹鉊鉆鉊耜鉊鉊冢鉊鉊 5555

  4. I like that kind of style too.

  5. It’s a joke people stop taking it so serious and literal 恫

  6. Cheap Chalies because they don’t give you free money???? Typical Thai’s always expeting handouts 鳶鳶鳶不不不

  7. Why so many people offended? It is not insulting to be called a Cheap Charly. It is an expression used in Pattaya for decades. These are typical cheap Charlie’s. The ones who do not understand the joke probably never walk in a bar in Pattaya…

  8. I think “Cheap Charlie” are smart and savvy people who will not waist his money and time for a things which are not important at all!It is not only about money,but most , as I think, about common sense!

  9. Enjoy your stay in Thailand guys. Fuck what anyone thinks.

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