Pizza Art Jomtien assaulted a customer because he refused to e…


Pizza Art in Jomtien will probably miss its Trip Advisor award 2017 after assaulting a customer because he complained that the pizza was not cooked correctly. The customer asked them to cook the pizza again and it came again no cooked correctly for the taste of this customer. Finally the customer decided to cancel the food. But this was not ok for the pizza owner who assaulted MR.HENRI GABRIEL ELFGANG age 71 years Nationality Italy and broke his finger.
You are not going to teach how to cook a pizza to a 71 year old Italian right?
His Thai wife was very upset and called the police.
Suggestion: next time check the Thai food menu.
Here is the restaurant, did anyone check the pizza there? Or maybe the Italian is a troublemaker?
Anyway assaulting customers is not a good practice in the “hospitality” business, by any standard, anywhere in the world.


  1. On this picture from Trip Advisor it seems that the pizza bread is burned…or maybe it is a new form of acne?

  2. Ahaha you not understand nothing this is real pizza i am from naples

  3. But before photo its not this pizza but another but you italian what you want find real naples pizza in thai you are crazy?

  4. And result what the police did ??

  5. If you want a real Italian pizza go to Italy, if you want real sushi go to Japan, if you want real fish n chips stay in the UK (Only Whitby of course) if you want a real Thai food eat in Thailand !!!! Bloody tourist.

  6. All right some of you guys dont leave or been To pattaya i guess.. its full of food choice..french restaurant..italian . Spanish food..danish swedish anithing you cant you cant get il ont sûre if Michelin guide been To pattaya but of course i not saying its 3 🌟 but their is full of food restaurant you dont need to travel To italy for eat good pizza tokyo for good sushi

  7. When in Thailand stick to Thai food…..and make sure the prawns are well cooked and cooking oil hasn’t been used many times….

  8. Across the street from my condo. Always soggy crust. Won’t deliver, won’t even take an order over the phone. Good riddance, i hope they close up

  9. From what the lady said it was a calzone that was still cold in the middle after hearing it up twice so probably frozen before hand. Super”authentic” πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  10. So the rule when in pattaya is ” not complain about your pizza, or you will recive a beating” !! Bad fucking thais in this city for sure !! πŸ˜‘

  11. The behavior of the pizza art owner is totally wrong …But here it is funny to read silly comments about pizza ( how it should be made or cooked )from people’s that grow up with fast food and junkie food… lol

  12. I ate at this place two weeks ago with friends. The pizza was not very good, undercooked in the middle and the dough was missing a bit of salt. The mushrooms where out of the can so there was too much water on it. The staff on the other hand was quite rude and did not seems to have any experience in this field at all. We gave it a few months until it will shut down.

  13. As I understood, Pizza was not even cold, but raw -((( yaik -((

  14. When I’m in Italy I eat Italian. When I’m in Thailand I eat Thai. Simple.

  15. This at LK Empress lifted the slice up just all the filling ran off the crust !!! Bad day fir the chief I guess

  16. No Pineapple No pizza……πŸ˜‰

  17. So sad as I am a Thai and see such bad service like this. The lady said the owner talking Italian??
    Hmm… Look at the finger of that customer makes me more sad…,, 🀬🀬

  18. Welcome to the land of smile …

  19. All food need to Cook finish and be warm when serve to the costumer.

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