The Life of Sharky


Sharky (Tim shark), another iconic figure of Pattaya. Like him or not, he is the kind of people who helped to build the reputation of Pattaya as a sin City. With his tattoos and his colored language, his defiance to the Authority (remember him rushing in the police station with the Pattaya One cameras), he is the perfect fit for the bad guys living in Pattaya.
He lives in the View Talay 6 and his blog is full of prostitutes he find like a fisherman, in secrets places only him knows and he will not share. You can see him sometime walking on the beach, time passes and his is older, but still impressive.
He seems to be dedicated to feed the strait dogs now, maybe he finds more in common with them than with nowadays tourists walking in the streets of Pattaya.
Sharky we love him even if we hate him. There is a lot of mystery around him, how he got these expensive cars, where came his money from, who really is Tim Sharky?
If you are a real Pattaya fan, you should know what is written in the back of his back, the ultimate Tattoo.
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  1. Tim Sharky isn’t the only former crook living now in Pattaya. But instead of playing the good guy in Pattayas hypocritical (High) Society like others from Europe did 😉 he went his own way with out kissing any big asses in town… I rejecting his past but respect what’s he doing now for all the Soi Dogs…

  2. I like the guy,. He’s an individual, a character. No mystery about where his money came from though. He was a big-time loan shark

  3. He’s alright, cares for the animals. That’s great in my book 👌

  4. Top fella..everyone has a past. Wish him well..

  5. Don’t know him but see him most days only thing that puzzles me they say he’s a pimp to about 2-300 girls U reckon these girls would pay him protection money ? I don’t know.

  6. I’m not on his lifestyle but he’s one of the few no hypocrite guys in Pattaya. His past story as a loan shark is not a secret and even his trial documents are public. That in my opinion is a good point. He’s not playing the good face as many other.
    And beside the appearance is really a more normal and easy people.
    But The police story happened to him is extremely clear as something quite staged. And even a free speech guy as him, goes lower recently. 😩

  7. Hi Tim. Many time I saw you walking in Pattaya, at beach Road, Central and so on. True: Sometimes I think, what a man, what a impossible man. But as nearly I check, hear and see about your person, I changed my thinking about your person. You are a big person, not only in cm. You also have a big heart for the biggest friends of peoples. Street Dogs are so honest and thankful. More than peoples can be. Thank you for your carities.

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